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In most of the advanced nations, companies which produce nuclear power plants are going to extend their business to the Asian nations because in their own countries they can't construct more plants for the protest of their citizens.
No Nukes Asia Forum was established to joint the Asian countries for realizing the nuclear-free world by ourselves.

● 2015.12
Declaration of a unified protest against the “Agreement in Principle”
on the India-Japan Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

● 2015.7
International appeal
to Prime Ministers of Japan and India, Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi

● 2014.12

To protest The Japanese Diet’s over-hasty approval of the “Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage” (CSC), which heavily protects the nuclear power industry and encourages nuclear exports

● 2014.8
    Scrap the Japan-India Nuclear Agreement : an international appeal to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Narendra Modi

● 2013.11
     Urgent international petition calling for immediate action on the uncontrolled radioactive discharges at Tepco’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

● 2013.5
     Request for a Halt to Negotiations towards a Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
    To Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

● 2012.11
     Declaration against negotiations on Japan-India nuclear power cooperation agreement

● 2012.10
    Koodankulam Solidarity Protest in Osaka, Japan

● 2012.9
    A Nuclear-Free Future is Our Common Dream: Letter from the Japanese Activists Deported from India

● 2012.9
    Statement of Solidarity With the people of Koodankulam in their historic struggle

● 2012.6
    Demonstration against Japanese nuclear power plant restart

. 2012.5
    A Protest Declaration against the oppression of the people protesting against the nuclear power plant in Kudankulam, India.

. 2012.4
No Nukes Asian Forum 2012
. 2011.10
【Viet-Namese】 The accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant

. 2011.09
A message to the people opposing the Koodankulam nuclear power plant
. 2011.08
NNAF 2011 Report of participants,Joint Declaration
. 2011.08
NNAF 2011 Sharing experiences of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant
. 2011.07
No Nukes Asian Forum 2011
. 2010.10
International Joint Statement to the Delegates for the COP 10
in solidarity with Hiroshima-Kaminoseki Link
. 2010.10
A Statement by Thai People’s Network to Monitor Nuclear Development To Support Iwaishima Islanders Who Oppose Chugoku Electric Power Company’s Nuclear Plant Construction and Reclamation at Kaminoseki Town in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
. 2010.09
Thailand Report : NNAF 2010
. 2010.09
Philippine Report : NNAF 2010
. 2010.09
The 2010 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement
. 2010.06
Statement by the No Nukes Asia Forum to the APEC Energy Ministers’ Meeting
. 2009.12
International petition
"Stop construction of the Kaminoseki nuclear power plant!"

. 2008.07
Indonesia report : NNAF 2008
. 2008.07
Thailand report : NNAF 2008
. 2005.06
The 2005 No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement
. 2004.02
International Joint Statement
Demanding the Cancellation of the Selection of Buan as the Potential Nuclear Waste Dump Site

. 2003.11
The Joint Statement from the International Nuclear Waste Forum (in Korea)
. 2002.11
The 10th No Nukes Asia Forum Joint Statement
. 2002.09
No Nukes Asia Forum at the 10th Anniversary
. 1998.09
Nuclear Free Philippine Coalition to No Nukes Link!.
. 1997.03
Indonesia report A short visit to the proposed site and discussion with people against Nukes
. 1997.03
A friend page [Kawan Sign Home Page]
No Nukes Link
The discussion with pro-nukes; The International Sustainable Energy Conference.

Preliminary Safety Analysis Report

We get the LUNGMEN UNITS Preliminary Safety Analysis Report. And we upload it. The area of this plant is in Taiwan. This report is by Taiwan Electric Power.  It was written by English.
It is here.
And you can look at many pictures of Taiwan's NPP in Taiwan Environmental Protection Union, Taipei Chapter.(The format of documents is PDF.)


. The introduction of No Nukes Asia Forum
. The fourth No Nukes Asia Forum in Indonesia
The fourth No Nukes Asia Forum was held from 28 of July to 2nd of Aug. in 1996, Indonesia. We introduce it in this forum. We intoroduction this forum.
. Emergency Meeting. Stop the export of nuclear power plant to Taiwan!
Stop the exportation of nuclear power plants. -an urgent meeting-
Just before the Pacific Basin No Nukes Conference by peoples, the Parliament of Taiwan decided to import nuclear power plants from GE, Hitachi and Toshiba. Mr. Shih Shin Min, who couldn't have come to Japan for this incident, came to Japan to protest to the companies of Hitachi and Toshiba. In Osaka we held a meeting inviting him.

. No Nukes Link!

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