International Joint Statement
Demanding the Cancellation of the Selection of Buan as the Potential Nuclear Waste Dump Site

We want MOCIE and KHNP to stop the construction of a nuclear waste disposal facility. The decision to build a nuclear waste treatment facility hides the MOCIE and KHNP's intention to build more nuclear power plants. It is therefore a dangerous decision which threatens the lives of all humanity.

Nuclear power carries the risks of accidents and the problems of nuclear waste disposal and transportation. In addition, it is not only a national issue but a global one which affects neighboring nations. In addition, uranium, the raw material for nuclear energy, is a finite resource which will run out in 40 to 50 years. The rest of the world is already turning away from nuclear-centered energy production due to the uncertainty of the safety and the economy of nuclear energy.

Nuclear-centered energy policy should be abolished for the good of humanity and for sustainability. The decision to construct the nuclear waste dump was made without sufficient research and the safety is highly suspect. Moreover, ignoring the local residents' opposition to the government's one-sided decision is extremely problematic.

MOCIE has shown itself not to be trusted because of its undemocratic and secretive way of selecting the site when the selection process should have been open to the public. Moreover, KHNP's immoral methods such as false advertisements and offering money to locals should be criticized. At the same time, the "democratic" government abused its authority and violently suppressed its own people.

As the main actors of the nuclear power industry, MOCIE and KHNP should admit the grave errors they have made so far and need to change their policies to accommodate the anti-nuclear trend of the world.

Cancel the selection of Buan as the potential nuclear waste dump site.

she first key to the nuclear waste problem is to reduce the production of nuclear waste. Therefore, construction of additional nuclear power plants should be stopped and the nuclear-centered energy policy needs to be dropped immediately and a policy which will promote renewable energy should be actively sought.

Names of individuals and organizations endorsing this statement.

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