No Nukes Asian Forum 2011

\For a nuclear free Asia, a nuclear free world, and a nuclear free futureI\

Conveying the reality of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant earthquake disaster to the world At this time of particularly vibrant seismic activity letfs strive for the elimination of radiation related suffering in Asia

From 30th July to 6th August 2011

Venues: Fukushima, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kaminoseki

Participation of Asian Delegates
Anti-nuclear activists and residents affected by nuclear power plants from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, The Philippines and China, etc.

It is 66 years since the disaster of the atomic bombs, when the human race pledged that would never ever repeat the same mistake. It is 25 years since the Cherbnobyl accident which has caused intolerable tragedies for childrenfs lives and the environment of this earth. We have had various opportunities to stop and rethink our ways but all the while the number of nuclear power plants has been continually increasing and finally the nightmare-like earthquake disaster happened. Itfs very obvious which direction we should choose for our future.

In Japan this year wefll organize the NNAF, which has been held in turn in various countries since 1993. The Venue has been changed suddenly from Thailand, the originally proposed site, after Fukushima accident. Wefll explain the reality of the Fukushima Nuclear accident to the rest of Asia.  Wefll also use this opportunity to strengthen cooperation among Asian people to prevent the exportation of this nuclear technology into and from Asian countries. Wefll convey the prayers of Hiroshima victims and the experiences of anti-nuclear power campaign from Kaminoseki as well.

Letfs get together to make a nuclear free Asia a reality, and to put an end to this terrible history of the gashes of deathh.

July   30   Sessions; Analysis of Fukushima NPP accident. 
@@@@@@@Listening to the experience of people from Fukushima  

July   31  Fukushima citizen's conference and Demonstration in Fukushima 
@@@@@@@Symposium; Export NCPP to Asia
August 1   International conference           
August 2   Seminar with Diet members.  
@@@@@@@Demonstration in front of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
@@@@ @@Discussion with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
@@@@@@@Demonstration in front of TEPCO, Discussion with TEPCO,
August 3  Visiting Iwaishima and sharing with anti-kaminoseki NPP movement
August 4  Fieldwork in Hiroshima and participation in Gensuikin conference
August 5  International conference ; Energy policy for nuclear-free future
August 6@Participation in the Hiroshima peace ceremony
             Protest action and Demonstration against Chugoku electric company

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