International petition to the new Japanese government

"Stop construction of the Kaminoseki nuclear power plant!"

Prime Minsiter Yukio Hatoyama                            09.12.18

Japan’s Chugoku Electric Power Company is going to begin reclamation work in an inlet in Tanoura, Kaminoseki-tyo, in Yamaguchi prefecture to construct two nuclear power reactors of 1,370 MW capacity each.

This plan started in 1982 and many local residents have been opposing it for 27 years. Every week there are over 1000 demonstrations against the power plant.

People in Iwaishima are also refusing a large fishing settlement.

To prevent reclamation in the inlet of Tanoura, many fishing boats from Iwashima and the kayak corps have kept watch over the movements of Chugoku Electric Power Company's work ships every day for the past 3 months. Preparation for reclamation work has scarcely proceeded .

During the protest movement, a member of the kayak corps was injured and brought to a hospital by ambulance on November 8th. Chugoku Electric Power Company is responsible for this incident.

・ Please stop forcible reclamation work.

・ The nuclear power plant is dangerous. The problem of nuclear waste cannot be solved. Japan should stop nuclear power plant construction and utilize more natural energy.

・ Please cancel the Kaminoseki nuclear power plant construction project.

the list of the endorsers

People For Nuclear Disarmament Nuclear Flashpoints Project

Sergio Dialetachi (Heinrich Boellstiftung)

Wen Bo (Greengrans China)

M Mauc, Philip C Stone,
Ashok kumar

Jan Juffermans (The Small Earth), Barnabe Laveit (Erasmus University)
Stefau Amasfasiei (Green EUR Erasmus University Rtteldam)

Dian Abraham (MANUSIA)

Shahar Doler (Israel Energy Forum)

Seok Kwanghoon (Green Korea United), Kang Jesuk (Peace Project Network)
Kim Boknyeo (antinuclear citizen action), LEE Heonseok (Energy Justice Actions)
Lee Hyunmin (Buan Peaple's Power Plant for Renewable Energy)
Hwang Yungil (uljinjahwal), Choi Sengguk (Green Korea United)
Kim Jenam (Green Korea United), Lee Yujin (Green Korea United)
Son Hyungjin (Green Korea United), Han Jaekak (Eenergy and Climate Policy Institute)
Kim Jongnam (Korean Federation for Environmental Movement , KFEM)
Yang Wonyoung (KFEM), Lee Sungjo (KFEM), Cho Sunghuem (KFEM)

Corazon Valdez Fabros (No to Bataan Nuclear Power Plant) 

Eric Kaolsson, Alex Echenuque

Green Citizen’s Action Alliance , GCAA,
Yan Liao anti-nuclear movement , Taiwan Environmental Protection Union ,TEPU
Raging Citizens Act Now!, Reclaim the Streets in Taiwan, Hengchun Youth action alliance
Chei susin (GCAA), Tan kenglim, Jin Chywan (National Taiwan Ocean University)
Hsu Kuangjung (TEPU), Shih Shinmin (TEPU), Lee Chou Han(TEPU)
Doreen Chen(TEPU), Claire Yang(TEPU), Hsieh Herlin(Taiwan Watch Institute)
Chou Chincheng (National Taiwan University), Hsu Yyuren, Cheng Jinpei,
Chang Chiayu, Wang Yingchian, Wu yenhuang, Hung chialing, Ngo bunthong,
Sylvia Chiang, Chen yaochung, Anne, Chang Hsingju, Kao Changyi, Chang Yulin,
Tsai Peihui, Chang Jiuanjiuan, Huang Weijie, Cheng Jinming, Chen Huimin, Guo Yiling,
Chyng, Wang Chengyi, Hsu Pojen, Wang Shunwei, Yeh Vergil, He chiawun, Zulin, Lu Yichi,
Tan Kenglim, Tsui Fenglee, Song Yikuang, Lisin.Haluwey, To Yubun, Yo Huei-Horngm,
Libre, Lee Win Shine, Henry Chen, Ginger Wang, Ye yawei, Sie lufen, Daniel Huang

Network of People Affected by Huge Power Project
Agriculture Protection Network (Nongsang Saraburee)
Khao Hin Son Coal-Fired Power Plant Monitoring Network (Chachoengsao)

Vicky Moller (Plaid Cymrn), Chris Loynes (Green Party)
Ben Bribgwyn (Transition Network)
Karen Mitchel (SWIH Lakes Acttion on Climate Change)
Ian White (SWIH Lakes Acttion on Climate Change),
Kate Rawles (University of Cumbria)
Roslyn Cook

Alice Slater (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation), Nestor Lemus,
Larry Fahn (Sierra Club-US), Glen Besa


総理大臣 鳩山由紀夫様                                09.12.18