The Joint Statement from the International Nuclear Waste Forum

We came from four different countries to Korea to participate in the struggle of Buan people and connect all the people around the globe who wish for a world without nuclear.  Nuclear waste is a problem of the world, not only of Korea, thus Buan people's struggle is our struggle too and we are here to show the international solidarity.

Our countries also have problems with nuclear energy and radioactive waste disposal.
Unfortunately our governments also distort truths about nuclear waste, use money to buy people off and when these fail, they use violence.  However, we have never given up and never will.  We have shared our experience and lessons and will take them back from here to share with our friends back home. 

First thing that caught our eyes when we arrived in Buan were the yellow signs on the streets of Buan.  It so clearly shows the will of all Buan people that no one wants nuclear power nor nuclear waste.  Referendum would only reassure it.
We have experienced the violence of the police ourselves last night -we got arrested when we were just walking in the street. We were impressed by Buan People's non-violent demonstrations despite many hardship they face with the fierce oppression of the police.  Justice is on the way of the Buan people.  We are quite sure that Buan people will win sooner or later.  The Korean government should realize this and look to the biggest grassroots anti-nuclear movement from of the world and learn lessons from it. 

There are hopeless problems with the exiting waste disposal.  We have witnessed many cases from different countries where there have been huge problems in safety and leakage from low and intermediate level storage sites. 

No where in the world, regions which had nuclear waste disposal facilities achieved economic development.  It's unlikely that Buan will be the first. 

There is no way that nuclear wastes can be managed safely.  We have no solution either.  The only solution is for the nuclear waste management is not to produce any nuclear waste. Our only option is to stop producing nuclear energy.  Therefore, the government should stop generating nuclear power before trying to find a site for nuclear wastes.

We have seen how peaceful the people of Buan were so the government should  withdraw police force to open space for dialogue again.  Listen to the people of Buan and immediately stop all the plans for the nuclear waste disposal.  We will let world know what is happening in this small town in Korea and organize international action to support Buan and its cause.  

We are leaving today but we will always be with the great people of Buan. 

November 27 2003

Germany/Oda Becker,Julia Behnsen
France/Jean-Yvon Landrac
Japan/Sawai Masako,Miura Midori,Yamamoto Yukiko,Mito Kiyoko,
Sato Daiske,Ahnraku Tomoko,Fukuzawa Jogaku
Taiwan/Fenlan Lai,Lyu-Sha
Korea/Anti-nuke People Action network